Are you creating bad vibes? Writing Advice

I don’t know about you, but…

I used to feel hurt, guilty, and otherwise awful when someone would criticize my work, write a bad comment, or rate my stories less than 5 stars.

It used to linger in the front of my mind for days, often clouding my judgement on how I felt about myself and others. Often I would stew in the background for days, hardly talking to my friends and family because I was so over-consumed with self-disapproval and hurt.

I would overthink and analyze what I could have done differently.

…But then I realized that someone was actually reading my work.

It dawned on me…

It didn’t matter whether I got 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars…or the full count. What started to matter was that people were actually reading my work and commenting on it and making their own judgements and opinions.

You’re not going to have everyone that likes you.

You’re not going to have a great experience with everyone.

Are you creating bad vibes towards yourself? There is always a balance of negative and positive – chances are, if you could somehow gather everybody in the universe and tally up how many people enjoy you or your work, there will likely be just as many criticizers.

Remember that they are also not judging YOU, per se, but their projection of you. We can only see through the lens of our own perceptions.

If there ISN’T at least 1 person who dislikes you, or talks bad about you or your work – you’re doing something wrong!

If one is swayed more heavily than the other, there is an imbalance somewhere in your perception.

So from now on I like to tally up how many people are reading and providing judgements about the work.

Once something is “OUT THERE”, it really is no longer yours.

It makes life so much easier and breathable.

Allow judgements and opinions – no matter how big or small – get you excited and fired up!

Have an amazing day,

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